The Energy Control & Optimization (ECO) Lab is dedicated to promoting eco-friendly technologies and equity in engineering research and education.


The research of the ECO Lab focuses on building the pathway to a reliable integrated-decentralized power system. In particular, we aim at developing new control, optimization, and machine learning theories and bridging them to the building blocks including smart buildings, vehicle-grid integration (VGI), microgrids, cyber-physical security, and grid-edge resources (GERs) integration. We seek to reform the power system to improve public health and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, make electric services more resilient and secure, reduce long-term energy costs, and put our economy on a dynamic and sustainable footing.

The ECO Lab has been focusing on extending and adapting sophisticated modern technologies to remote and historically underserved communities through customized engineering design and human capacity building. It is ECO's vision that all communities should have equal access to eco-friendly technologies that preserve their unique culture, humanity, and environment.

For collaboration and research opportunities, please contact
Address: 2250 Joseph Merrill Engineering Building
         University of Utah
         50 S Central Campus Drive
         Salt Lake City, UT, USA 84112
Email: mingxi.liu@utah.edu